Q: What is Mobipunter ?

A: Mobipunter is a website dedicated to bring you well researched match predictions.

Q: How many groups are there in this website ?

A: There are two groups or categories in this group. Free Tips and Golden Tips.

Q: How do each group differ from one another ?

A: Free tips offer free prediction to the public, Golden tips are more accurate and are restricted for Golden tips members.

Q: How much does it cost and how do i subscribe ?

A: Golden tips Monthly costs $ 5.5 or kshs 550/= per month and can be subscribed HERE.


Q: What is the mode of payment ?

A: There are various mode of payments. Credit Cards such as (Visa, Maestro, etc ), M-pesa, and directly from bank.(Equity, KCB, Co-operative and many more).

Q: How do i pay ?

A: Choose your product (group) and ensure its only one (Weekly or Monthly Golden Tips but not both) then fill in your details and place an order, and pay. If you are using M-pesa ensure you submit your M-pesa confirmation code.

Q: I have paid but my subscription status still reads free, what is the problem ?

A: Due to an increase in fraud, Mobipunter payment goes through Pesapal (A company same as Paypal for online payments world wide). This is the reason you may experience some delays before confirmation for about 2-5 minutes.

Q: After my subscription expires will i be deducted money automatically ?

A: NO we prefer you pay by yourself after your subscription expires if you wish to continue accessing our services.